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I am the artist known to many as JediArtist, however, I answer to Michelle too. Welcome to my galaxy of passion! I'm happy that you've taken the time to explore my world and escape reality for a short time with my artwork.

I've been drawing since I was in grade school; portraits becoming my obsession the summer before I started high school. While visiting my grandmother, at her suggestion to battle boredom, I tried drawing a portrait from one of the many "teen beat" magazines I had laying around. That was all it took, I've been hooked ever since. 

In high school I took advanced art classes my junior and senior year; and I ultimately went to the Colorado Institute of Art, graduating with an Associates Degree in Visual Communications. My initial dream was to design movie posters; however, life throws us curves from time to time, and I ended up in the world of environmental protection. Throughout my (25+ year) career in recycling and waste reduction, I have always kept my hands in the world of art. Over the years - as part of my job with the State - I've delved into the world of the internet, presentations, trade show displays, and educational tools. And in my free time at home I've continued my love for portraits.

I'm extremely excited to finally be making my artwork available to view (and eventually purchase) on my own Web site.

You can follow me and see my work in progress postings on my Instagram (@jediartist69), Twitter (@jediartist), Tumblr (@jediartist), and Facebook (Portraits by Michelle) accounts.